12 Pubs of Christmas - Baggot Mile, Dublin

The Baggot Mile is probably the most infamous 12 Pubs route.  1 mile of pubs on Dublins Baggot Street, always super busy from the first week in December.  There are a few variants to the Baggot Mile but having done it quite a few times - here's the Christmas Jumper King Route (hat-tip to jar.ie for helping me remember a few).

1. Searsons - upper Baggot Street.  Al 12 Pubs should start here.

2. The Waterloo - right beside Searsons.  Quick and easy.

3. The Wellington - across the road at Baggot Street bridge.

4. Bar 51 - Haddington Road - a little off the track, keep your eyes peeled

5. Smyths - stay on Haddington Road for a cheeky one in Smyths

6. McGrattans - now you're back on Baggot Street but this one is hidden away - a gem of a pub

7. Xico (formerly the Baggot Inn) - right on Baggot Street

8. Toners - no explanation required

9. Doheny and Nesbitts - Love this pub

10. Reillys - it's part of Foleys but a completely separate bar

11. Foleys - right beside Reillys

12. O'Donoghues - it's a pity that very few can make it to the best bar in Dublin

Link to 12 Pubs Rules

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