12 Pubs of Christmas

The 12 Pubs of Christmas is now a Christmas tradition throughout the world. The 12 Pubs Challenge can take place at any time in November or December and typically involves a group of friends meeting for a catch up and visiting a number of pubs in one night.

Christmas Jumpers are worn as the groups visit the various pubs and it has become a really festive sight to see groups out in their ridiculous jumpers creating a real sense of Christmas around the various cities. Matching jumpers really create the perfect effect.

The 12 Pubs of Christmas Challenge

  1. 12 Pubs to be visited in one night
  2. One drink per pub
  3. Maximum of 30 minutes per pub
The Nose Flashes!
The Nose Flashes!

The 12 Pubs of Christmas Rules

To make things fun there are optional rules for each pub which participants can follow. If rules are not followed teams should decide the standard forfit in advance of each 12 Pubs excursion.

  1. The right-handed pub – all drinks to be handled with the right hand only
  2. The fake accent pub – each participant to speak in a different accent for the duration
  3. The no pointing pub – no pointing
  4. The no swearing pub – no swearing
  5. The no names pub – no using other participants names / nicknames
  6. The left handed pub – no using left hand to hold drinks
  7. The strangers pub – no acknowledgement of other participants
  8. The sitting down pub – no standing or visiting the toilet for the duration
  9. The no resting pub – no sitting, leaning or resting your drink
  10. The swap shoes pub – swap one shoe with another participant
  11. The try and stay going pub – no rules, come on, nearly there!
  12. The final furlong pub -you’re there, relax, enjoy the sense of achievement!

Best 12 Pubs Jumpers

Chilly Willy

Great 12 Pubs Christmas Jumper

Great 12 Pubs Christmas Jumper

It’s fun to take pictures outside each pub to confirm the list.

The 12 Pubs Challenge is for adults only and should be undertaken at participants own risk.